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Thinking is good. We encourage that sort of behavior around here.
Calculus professor. (via mathprofessorquotes)

Mealworms sure seem to be yummy according to Yuno.

Time is a drug. Too much of it kills you.
Terry Pratchett, Small Gods (via quotes-shape-us)
Young people have many pleasures and many sorrows, because they only have themselves to think of, so every wish and every notion assume importance; every pleasure is tasted to the full, but also every sorrow, and many who find that their wishes cannot be fulfilled, immediately put an end to their lives.
Herman Hesse, Gertrude (via whyallcaps)
We have everything we need to be happy but we aren’t happy. Something is missing…
It is not books you need, it’s some of the things that are in books. The magic is only in what books say, how they stitched the patches of the universe together into one garment for us.
Ray Bradbury, Fahrenheit 451 (via observando)
What's the most illegal thing you ever did?



At Stanford there was this Professor who was a total bitch and she taught British Literature, which was cool. Except she taught only her opinions of the books and it didn’t help me as a writer. I went to school to learn new things to improve my craft, not have someone else’s opinions carved onto my forehead.

So anyway, for our final project, she asked us to write a ten page paper on why the color symbolism in Othello was so significant. I did some research and it turned out that she did her entire graduate thesis on this very subject. I was mad. This wasn’t teaching, this was boosting her ego. SO I wrote a ten page essay on why color symbolism in Othello wasn’t significant, satirizing it to the point of no return, saying that her opinion was an opinion and shouldn’t be taken seriously.

SHe failed me, needless to say. So in retaliation, I responded by baking a batch of brownies laced with weed and laxatives and delivered them myself to the professor hours before her big graduation speech. I told her that it was a peace offering, my way of apologizing and asking if I could do anything to fix my grade.

She refused to fix my grade.

In the end, she shit herself on stage.

I didn’t regret it.

No mercy.

i love autumn. the leaves fall and die like my hopes and dreams



if you didn’t live through a pokémon card ban at your school during ‘99 i’m just not sure how to relate to you tbh

A true piece of writing is a dangerous thing. It can change your life.
Tobias Wolff, Old School (via observando)
A true piece of writing is a dangerous thing. It can change your life.
Tobias Wolff, Old School (via observando)